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Ad Rules

These are the rules we ask users to follow when posting ads:

EscortDash can refuse, delete or suspend the publication of a classified ad without prior notice.


It is forbidden to show images containing any illegal object.


It is forbidden to put content that is defamatory or heinous with regard to individuals or to groups.


All advertisements containing the following subjects are banned: Pedophilia & Bestiality.


It is forbidden for a minor (under 18 Years old) to place an advertisement on this site.


The user of this site equally waives their right to exercise any legal recourse against EscortDash in case of prosecution conducted by a third party against the result of utilization and/or illicit exploitation of the site.


Always post ads in the correct category


For Any user who places an order and does not pay for his order in timeEscortDash reserves the right to delete all ads and block the user. If you don’t intend to pay for your orderyou just need to don’t place an order.


Users can post as many ads as they like. No one likes spam though, please respect your fellow advertisers by not overdoing it.


Creating multiple accounts to post free ads is not permitted. We only allow 1 account per user.


We encourage you to promote your website on our site to increase your traffic. You may link to your website as allowed by the terms of service. However, we ask that you do NOT use our site to promote other competing websites.


Always use your common sense and better judgment.